Life's Complicated
Contractors and Freelancers often have complex personal tax situations. A common example is where an investment has been made in a rental property as an alternative to a pension. 
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Many of our sole-trader and limited company accounting packages include a basic self-assessment tax return, but when you need a little more... we are here to help.


Our limited company Compliant / Managed packages include free BASIC self-assessment tax returns, plus tax pages (SA102) for up to 2 directors. Sole-trader packages include a BASIC self-assessment, plus self-employment pages (SA103S/F).  

Self-Assessment solutions

For contractors and freelancers facing complex personal tax situations, here are a few solutions:

- Basic return for spouse (SA100) £100

- ​UK property income (SA105) £60/property

- Foreign income (SA106) £100

- Capital Gains (SA108) Tax from £75

- Seed EIS, EIS or VCT from £75

​All Prices are exclusive of VAT

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​If you want to avoid stress, late filing fees and potential fines:

- Don't ignore it
- Don't leave it till the last minute
- Keep good records 

- Often the result is a refund!​

- Get professional advice today...

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