How Beans can help you!

Forget the accounting jargon and talk about compliance, we're here to help you reclaim your weekends. For starters let's beat three of your biggest time bandits: 

1. Easy Record Keeping

As a part of your monthly accounts package you get an easy to use bookkeeping system called FreeAgent. Just pop in you latest bills and out of pocket expenses, overnight your bank transactions automatically download, then simply click a button and your accounts are balanced. This cuts out hours of pencil work, data re-entry and spreadsheets - (That's Sunday morning back 🙂

2. Simple Invoicing

Professional looking invoices with your company name and logo. Just select a client name, enter your services or details directly from the inbuilt time sheet software, then email them to your client for payment.  If you have regular invoices these can be created and sent automatically and if you are on the move you can even invoice directly from your mobile. (That's another hour or two in the bag 🙂 )

3. Fast Cash Flow

Knowing how much money you have in the bank and chasing payments not only takes time but can give you sleepless nights. Our software shows outstanding invoices and your business bank balance from your phone. You have the option of automated late payment emails and to get paid faster by using credit/debit cards, Direct Debit or PayPal. (Not only time saved but you can now afford to relax and go out for Sunday lunch 🙂 )

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Remember tax is complicated and every person has a unique set of circumstances, so we recommend you speak to a professional accountant (even if it is not us) before deciding which business structure is best for you.

(Updated: 12 Apr 2017)