New client onboarding
Welcome to Beans, we've tried to make the process of joining as easy as possible. Below are all the online forms you will need to complete to become a Beans client.

Onboarding Forms & Authorities

New clients will be sent a key to access these forms:

As soon as you request to join Beans we email you a link to the appropriate forms we require.

Click onto the secure form and start filling in the information. Don't worry if you don't have everything at hand right now, you can go back later when you have the additional data to complete the forms. If you need any help, just ask.

Information Forms - To collect data

01 New Client - information about you and your business.

02 Co-director(s) - Information about your co-directors (if you have any).

03 Limited Company Formation - Information required to form your limited company (If required).

Authority Forms - Permission to act on your behalf

04 Engagement - Engagement letter allowing us to act as your accountants.

05 HMRC - Reference codes giving us permission to access your tax records.

06 Companies House - Allows us to submit information on your behalf.

07 AML - Allowing us to run anti-money laundering checks (legal requirement).

08 Change Accountants - Authorising us to request your accounts and records from your existing accountant.

09 Direct Debit - Authorising us to direct debit for your accounting fees.

As accountants collecting your personal and business data we are required by law to put in place the appropriate authorities to access your records and systems to keep your data safe. 
(Updated: 5 Apr 2017)